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Court Re-Assigns Russian Ship-Owner Case

The Inquirer (Monrovia)
     The NEWS (Monrovia)
     January 14, 2005
     Posted to the web January 14, 2005

The Civil Law Court has re-assigned the case involving a Russian Ship-owner, Gennady Medvedev and the National Port Authority to January 18.

The case was re-assigned last week following ruling by the Judge presiding that the matter involving the Russian and the NPA is a mixture of laws and facts, hence, he ruled to trial by Jury.

The Russian national, who claimed to be owner of the vessel, M/V "Zolotitsa", on June 18, 2002, filed an Action of Damages for Wrong against the Management of National Port Authority (N.P.A.), alleging that the Defendant (NPA) impounded his vessel at the Port of Harper.

The Defendant (NPA) responded on the June 29, 2002, basically denying responsibility for the vessel, and alleged that it did not impound the ship for non-payment of Port Tax at the Freeport of Monrovia, but rather that NPA has a berth claim of US$190,000.00 against the owner of the ship.

The judge presiding over the case at the time, Wynston O. Henries ruled that after a careful perusal of the records in the case, he found out that it is a mixture of law and facts, hence, he ruled the case to trial by Jury.

The Russian national, through his lawyer, had filed a motion for Summary Judgement. Based on the Motion, the judge ruled the case for trial by jury, saying that he will explain the law issues during the trial.

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