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Actg. Foreign Minister Receives Russian Minister-Counselor

The Inquirer (Monrovia)
     September 22, 2004
     Posted to the web September 22, 2004

Minister Massalkey welcomed Mr. Lobanov to the Foreign Ministry, and extensively briefed him on the peace process in Liberia, the current security situation in the Mano River Region, and Russo-Liberia's bilateral relations.

Minister Massaley expressed satisfaction over the performance of the United Nations in Liberia, stressing that all parties to the conflict in Liberia were eager to make the country gun-free.

He noted that the time frame for the completion of the DDRR exercise will be observed because as he put it, the NTGL has a mandate to conduct elections in 2005, something which he said is contingent upon having a gun-free country to enable free movement nationwide during the electoral period in the country without fear.

He indicated that Liberia is eager to meet her obligations to the international community in order for the country to resume her rightful and respectable position, maintaining that this is why Liberia is re-opening her missions around the world.

Minister Massaley then called for the assistance of the UN, notably members of the Security Council to help Liberia get back to her original position in the comity of nations.

He lauded Russo-Liberia ties, which he said had been cordial in the past, and expressed optimism that it will be strengthened and made stronger through the enhancement of cultural exchanges, technical, agricultural, economic, and educational cooperation.

Speaking earlier, Mr. Lobanov thanked Minister Massaley for the warm reception, and said his mission was to assess situation on the ground.

He expressed the eagerness of Russian businessmen to invest in a wide range of areas in the Liberian economy once peace was restored in the country.

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