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Russia urges world community to fight terrorism

Posted: Jul 19 2005

The Russian Mission in Ghana has accused the United States of America and the United Kingdom of double standards in the fight against terrorism.

A Counsellor at the Russian Embassy in Ghana, Igor Mozgo says the double standards being exhibited by the two countries are making it difficult to fight terrorism.

Igor Mozgo accused the US and UK of harboring terrorists such as Chechnyan separatists whose members have carried out some terrorists attacks in Moscow.

Mr. Mozgo who was addressing the media this morning reiterated that these double standards ought to be dropped.

The Russian Federation through its Embassies all over the world is creating media awareness on the threats of international terrorism.

According to the Russian mission in Ghana, journalists lack the requisite information on the threats of terror worldwide.

Mr. Mozgo says the Russian Federation is dedicated to sensitizing the media on the realities of the world menace.

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