Russia - Ghana relations/


The reception on the occasion of the Russia's National Day that is celebrated on the 12-th of June was held at the Russian Ambassador's Residence at Airport Residential Area on June 10, 2004.

The representatives of the Government of the Republic of Ghana, Ghanaian parliamentarians, members of the Ghana - Russia Parliamentary Group and Ghana - Russia Chamber of Commerce as well as members of the diplomatic corps were among the invited guests.

The Ghanaian Governmental delegation at the reception was led by Hon. Elizabeth Ohene, Minister of State, Tertiary Education - Moeys.

The reception was also attended by members of the official delegation of the Parliament of the Republic of Ghana to Russia that just returned from their trip to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, including Minority Leader A.Bagbin.

In his address on the occasion of Russia Day H.E. Mr. Valery Orlov, Russian Ambassador, welcomed the guests and told them that on this day all Russians were honouring their Motherland, a country with a thousand-year-long history and a unique legacy, which has united on a vast expanse a multitude of peoples, territories and cultures.

He also stated that in the past few years Russia performed intense and difficult creative work and that these efforts yielded obvious results both in political and economic fields, materialized in the strengthening of the State, positive dynamics of socio-economic processes in the country.

The Russian Ambassador emphasized that Russian people cherish long-standing, friendly relations with Ghana. "We know very well the great impact of this country on stabilization processes in West Africa, its role in the settlement of conflict situations in the African Continent as a whole and we are ready to continue strengthening our co-operation and to explore new spheres for prospective joint work", - said Mr.Valery Orlov.

Concluding his speech, H.E.Mr.Valery Orlov proposed a toast to the health of His Excellency Mr. John Agyekum Kufuor, President of the Republic of Ghana, to the well-being and prosperity of all Ghanaians, to further strengthening of friendly and cordial relations, which so happily exist between Russia and Ghana and the peoples of our two countries.

In her reply to the toast proposed by H.E.Mr.Valery Orlov, Hon. Elizabeth Ohene said: "As we celebrate this happy occasion, it is appropriate to express the gratitude of the Government and people of Ghana for the various forms of assistance Ghana has received from the Russian Government over the years in the field of agriculture, education, healthcare and more recently private sector development. May I take this opportunity to commend the Russian Government for the increase in the number of scholarships granted to Ghana from twenty (20) to thirty (30) for the 2004/2005 academic year.

We also commend the Russian Government for its decision to construct the new Embassy complex whish has begun. This is a clear manifestation of its desire to deepen relations with Ghana and I wish to give the assurance that we would on our part endeavour to strengthen these relations".

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