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Russia deepens relations with Ghana

Accra, March 5, GNA- Mr Valery Orlov, Russian Federation Ambassador to Ghana, has re-affirmed the intention of the Russian Government to deepen relations with Ghana, to benefit the two countries and sustain the development of the African continent.

He said it was his belief that important developments that took place between the two countries last year, would add new dimensions to their traditional friendship, give impetus to their relations and deepen the bonds between them.

In an answered questionnaire to the Ghana News Agency on "Russian Foreign Policy in the Period of Mr Vladimir Putin's Presidency", Mr Orlov described the beginning of the construction of a new Complex of the Russian Embassy in Accra early this year as a symbolic event, which clearly reaffirmed the Russian Government's intention to consistently develop the relations between the two countries.

He said the Complex would be the first newly built Russian Embassy in Africa over the past 15 years.

Mr Orlov said the Government of the Russian Federation has increased the number of scholarships granted to Ghana by 10 explaining that 30 scholarships would be awarded for the 2004 /2005 academic year. Other positive events in Ghana-Russian relations in 2003 were a visit of a Russian Parliamentary Delegation to Ghana, the establishment of the Ghana-Russia Business Association and the formation of the Ghana -Russia Parliamentary Group, Ambassador Orlov said.

He referred to a statement attributed to Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which the Russian President acknowledged Ghana's colossal contribution in conflict resolution in West Africa and the African continent, and said Moscow was ready to continue to strengthen co-operation and open new areas for long term joint work.

Mr Orlov said the Russian Federation considered Ghana as reliable and time-tested leading partner in the West African Sub-Region. He said the outcome of Russia's international positions had been strengthened over the last four years, to a decisive extent as a result of an internal stabilisation and steady economic growth. He said the long-term interests of Russian Foreign Policy, were defined n the Russian Federation Foreign Policy Concept, which President Putin approved in 2000.

He said the Policy pivoted on the creation of favourable external conditions for the country's development, ensuring reliable security, stable economic growth and enhancement of the well-being and prosperity of Russian citizens.

Mr Orlov said Russia was actively involved in the search for solutions to the most acute global and regional problems, including the strengthening of non- proliferation nuclear weapons and the settlement of the conflicts in the Middle East and other regional and sub-regional conflicts.

He said the Russian Federation had used dialogue, primarily at the Presidential level, with the United States of America, to bring changes in the relations between the two countries, to combat terrorism and other challenges.

It had also used dialogue to establish a new framework of strategic relations between the two countries.

"We now have to implement the bilateral Treaty on Strategic Offensive Weapons Reductions, which came into force in 2003. There is also the basis for advancing co-operation in the field of energy and high technologies", Ambassador Orlov said.

Source: GNA

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