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Parliament congratulates Russian federation

Parliament has congratulated the government and people of the Russian federation on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the adoption of the constitution of the Russian federation, which fell on the 12th December.

Chairman of the parliamentary select committee on Foreign Affairs and MP for Nkawkaw, Mr. Okerchiri Adusa, in a statement on the floor of the house, said in 1990, the Russian federation proclaimed its sovereignty and on the 12th of December 1991, the citizens, in a referendum, adopted a new constitution.

He added that the said constitution fostered a standard shift in the socio, political and economic relations in the Russian federation. The constitution inter alia set up independent political institutions with well-defined powers and functions and provides for basic laws, guaranteeing the rights and freedoms of individuals.

Mr. Adusa noted that on the 7th December 2003, elections were held in the Russian federation to elect parliamentarians to the Duma for the next four (4) years. The said constitution has extricated the Russian federation from a controlled and centralized economy and in its stead, introduced market reforms.

He observed that the existence of giant oil and gas firms like Yukos and noted that educational reforms were being affected to adjust to the new reforms.

The Nkawkaw MP mentioned that the new Russia continues to enjoy and cherish the long-standing bilateral relationship between her and Ghana. This relationship was given a further boost this year with a visit to Ghana by the Russian parliamentary delegation led by the deputy chairman of the state Duma, whose visit culminated in the formation of the Ghana Russian Business Association.

He said like any other country embarking on a major socio political and economic transformation is faced with enormous challenges, the Russian federation is no exception.

Transiting from a centrally controlled and subsidized economy to a free market economy with each one for himself and God for us all philosophy, turning the economy around within the shortest possible time, tolerance of opposing views and how responsibly the citizenry are going to exercise this newly won freedom to advance the cause of the Russian federation, are but some of the challenges today's Russia faces.

Combating corruption and fighting the menace of mounting terrorism are also mentionable among the realities Russia must live up to, Mr. Adusa observed.

Source: Chronicle

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