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Russian and Ghanaian leaders criticizes U.S. on Iraq

(From the Associated Press article)

United Nations - Russian President Vladimir Putin implicitly criticized the United States on Thursday for launching a war on Iraq without UN approval and demanded "direct participation" by the United Nations in rebuilding the country.

As the world body tries to grapple with the violence and instability in post-war Iraq, Russia, France, Germany and other opponents of the U.S.-led war have been pressing for a timetable for the United States to hand over power to Iraqis and a much greater role for the United Nations in overseeing the political transition.


Ghana's President John Agyekum Kufuor also implicitly faulted Washington for taking military action without UN authorization.

"We believe that the problems of the 21st century cannot be addressed without universal commitment to multilateralism spearheaded by the United Nations," he said.

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