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On the adoption by UN Security Council of a Resolution on Sudan

The United Nations Security Council on September 18 adopted Resolution 1564 by a vote of 11 in favor, with four abstentions, dealing with the situation in the Sudanese province of Darfur.

Moscow is concerned by the developments in the situation within Darfur, where a tragedy is unfolding fraught with a humanitarian disaster. Together with the world community we have been closely following this question, of which the adopted UN resolutions are a confirmation. On the other hand, we believe the threat contained in the resolution to impose sanctions against Sudan is not at all the best method of inducing Khartoum to fulfill its obligations to the UN.

Proceeding from this, Russia abstained - along with China, Algeria and Pakistan - in the vote on this SC resolution. We presume that to resolve difficult crisis situations the international community has diplomatic instruments which have proved their effectiveness. A way out of the situation in Darfar should be sought on lines of political settlement and more active use of the African Union's capacities. It is necessary to encourage the Sudanese authorities to build on the progress which was mentioned in the UN Secretary General's report on Sudan, published a few days ago.

By the way, it is likewise indicative that the Sudanese authorities, while expressing their disagreement with the content of Resolution 1564, nevertheless declared that they would comply with it. Russia will continue to actively facilitate, including within the UN Security Council, the speediest normalization of the situation in Darfur and Sudan as a whole.

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