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Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Saltanov Meets with Alpha Konare, Chairman of the African Union Commission

Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Saltanov, on May 26, staying in Addis Ababa at the invitation of the African Union (AU) leadership to attend the inauguration session of the African Union's Peace and Security Council, met with Alpha Konare, Chairman of the African Union.

A thorough conversation on ways and methods for the development of mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and the continent's countries and their associations, above all the pan-continental forum - the African Union - took place.

Noting with satisfaction the intensification of Russian-African political cooperation over the recent period, the sides spoke for extending the dialogue between Russia and the AU to the issues on the international agenda as well. In this context they discussed the possibility of introducing into the practice of our relations a mechanism of regular political consultations with the leadership of the African Union.

The topic of expanding trade-and-economic ties between Russia and the African states, and the questions of promoting cooperation in other fields featured prominently in the conversation.

Attention also was focused on the problems of conflict prevention and settlement in Africa. The important role of the African Union, primarily its Peace and Security Council, and other sub-regional organizations in the promotion of stability on the continent was noted, and the imperative character of their close cooperation in this area with the UN and its Security Council was underscored.

There was reaffirmed the invariability of our country's line on rendering comprehensive assistance to Africa, including in the framework of the efforts of the international community to establish on the continent some reliable mechanisms for ensuring sustainable economic and social development, peace and security.

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