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Alexander Yakovenko, the Spokesman of Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Answers a Question from Bulgarian National Radio Concerning Libya Death Sentence for Bulgarian Medics

Question: Please comment on the decision of a Libyan court to sentence the Bulgarian medics who worked in Libya to death.

Answer: On May 6 the court of Benghazi passed a death sentence on the five Bulgarian medics who worked under contract in a children's hospital of that city and who were accused of involvement in the infection of 393 Libyan children with the AIDS virus.

According to our information, the Bulgarian medics' lawyers intend to appeal this decision in the Supreme Court of Libya.

For our part, we hope that an additional trial in Tripoli, in which all the facts and the opinions of people involved in this case will be comprehensively examined and taken into account, will help to save the Bulgarian medics' lives.

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