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Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Yuri Fedotov Meets with Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos

On February 25 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Yuri Fedotov, while staying in Luanda as part of his tour of a number of African countries, was received by President of the Republic of Angola Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

Their conversation focused on questions of Russian-Angolan political dialogue and coordination in the United Nations Security Council, of which Angola is a member till the end of the current year. Special attention was devoted to settlement in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in the African Great Lakes area as a whole, as well as to the situation evolving in Iraq.

It was noted with satisfaction that the peace process in the DRC is gathering momentum. Support was expressed for the UN peacemaking efforts creating prerequisites for its ongoing and irreversible development. Positive trends were noted in the matter of national reconciliation, the strengthening of state sovereignty and formation of unified armed forces. The importance was stressed of overcoming the remaining problems stemming, in particular, from tension in the eastern provinces of the country. There was emphasized as an important measure the preparation for the holding of a UN international conference on settlement in the Great Lakes region with a broad composition of participants. Its success can reinforce security not only in this sub-region, but on the African continent as a whole.

After examining the situation in Iraq, the sides concurred that overcoming the present phase of instability in that country can be achieved only on the road of restoring its full sovereignty and handing power over to an Iraqi national government. They underscored the importance of ensuring the central role of the UN in the postwar reconstruction of Iraq, as well as the need for the international community to join in the elaboration of questions of assistance to the political process and economic and social rehabilitation. A useful exchange of views concerning the idea of convening an international conference on Iraq, with the participation of its leading political forces, took place.

On the whole the conversation, which passed in a friendly and candid atmosphere, has confirmed the identity or similarity of the two countries' positions on the problems discussed and their mutual striving for the further expansion of their partnership in the international arena.

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