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Sojourn in the Republic of Namibia of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Saltanov


On December 9, visiting Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Saltanov was received by the President of Nambia, Hifikepunye Pohamba. A warm and friendly conversation took place, during which the Namibian leader gave a high assessment to Russian-Namibian relations and emphasized the fundamental importance of their development in all fields.

On the same day Russian-Namibian inter-MFA political consultations were held. Taking part in them from the Namibian side were Minister of Foreign Affairs Marco Hausiku, his deputy Lempy Lucas and other senior ministry officials.

In the course of the constructive talks the sides noted the high level of Russian-Namibian political relations, the solid base for which was laid way back in the years of the struggle of the people of Namibia for national liberation. They reiterated a firm mutual intention to develop and deepen on this basis collaboration in all other fields, particularly in the sphere of economy and trade.

The necessity of the soonest launching of the mechanisms of the Mixed Russian-Namibian Intergovernmental Commission on Trade-and-Economic Cooperation, on whose establishment the agreement was signed in July 2005, was underscored in this context. The intensification of the business ties of the two countries could also be facilitated by a prompt solution of the questions related to the formation of the financial prerequisites necessary for implementing significant partner projects, in particular, through the creation of a joint company with the participation of Russia's Vneshtorgbank.

In discussing international problems, the sides reaffirmed a mutual disposition to continue their close cooperation in the UN for the purpose of further strengthening the central role of the Organization in world affairs, including counteraction against the new challenges and threats to global security. The theme of the reformation of the UN, including the establishment of a Human Rights Council and the Security Council enlargement, was touched upon.

An exchange of views on African problems, including in connection with the upcoming Russian G8 Presidency in 2006, took place. There was expressed the unanimous opinion about the need for the soonest resolution of the conflicts on the continent, which are the chief obstacle in the path of its sustainable economic and social development and a more effective struggle against poverty, disease, especially the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and illiteracy. The importance was noted of implementing the NEPAD goals in cooperation by Africa with the international community.

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