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Andrei Belikov

MOSCOW. Nov. 9 (The Moscow News) - Out of humane and medical considerations, and guided by the decisions taken in Cananaskis by the G-8 leaders, the Russian joint-stock company Inpolymed AO is ready to take on certain commitments, through international organizations, and contribute to the cause of improving people's health in Africa. A statement to that effect was made when the company management met with official representatives of seven African countries' embassies in Russia.

The Russian side offered medicines and medicinal items in the form of polymeric films, and also treatment methods based on their use. The great advantage of such preparations is the simplicity of their application, as they merely have to be stuck to the gums. They require no special storage conditions, have a long service life (five to six years), do not deteriorate in high temperatures and humidity, and are practicable in situations when natural and man-made disasters result in numerous casualties, as well as during hostilities.

All of that provoked African diplomats' great interest in the achievements of Russian scientists who take the lead in the field of biocompatible polymer-based medicines.

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