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Speech at the Ceremony during which Ambassadors from Foreign States Presented their Letters of Credential


Good afternoon dear gentlemen!

I am pleased to welcome you to the Kremlin. The ceremony for the presentation of your letters of credential marks the beginning of your official mission to the Russian Federation.

There are representatives from almost all continents here today. We are convinced that the real development of bilateral cooperation on multiple levels promotes stability in the world.

Russia has a tradition of being open to frank dialogue and constructive cooperation with all countries. Today, I consider that mutual understanding and solidarity are the most called for components of international relations. Mutual cooperation is important so that we can act together against global threats such as terrorism, diseases, drug trafficking and organized crime.

In Russia we are satisfied that the international community increasingly understands that only together can we create a durable barrier against all of these challenges and threats. The results of the UN General Assembly's session in September and Summit 2005 also reflect these positive tendencies. It is crucially important that despite the variety of approaches that exist, all countries confirm the necessity of consolidating the coordinating role of the United Nations and its Security Council - a unique universal mechanism to maintain peace and stability.

Dear gentlemen!

Russia supports further increasing cooperation on all levels with the Republic of South Africa, one of our major partners on the international scene and in Africa.

We expect that the positive trends in trade, economic, scientific and technical ties will take on a new dynamic.

Friendly ties between Russia and Gabon have a long history. We are satisfied by cooperation with Gabon in international affairs. We consider that it is important to use the opportunities for cooperation in trade and economic spheres more productively.

We value the friendly relations between the Russian Federation and Kenya. We support the all-round mutually advantages development of bilateral political, trade, economic and cultural contacts. We are sure that the Kenyan leadership fully shares our aspirations.

In conclusion, I would like to wish all heads of diplomatic representations fruitful and productive work in Russia and also personal happiness. I hope that your stay in Moscow will be both useful and interesting.

Thank you for your attention.

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