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President Vladimir Putin congratulated Hosni Mubarak on his re-election as President of the Arab Republic of Egypt September 12, 2005


Mr Putin's message reads, in particular: "It was with great pleasure that I learned of your re-election to the post of President of the Arab Republic of Egypt. This is good news for Egypt, for the region and for the whole world.

This election, the first direct, contested election in Egypt's history, demonstrates the Egyptian leadership's commitment to building a democratic society that preserves its unique character and follows the road of progress and reform.

You are respected in Russia as a recognised and influential leader in Egypt and the Arab world, a principled and purposeful politician who supports the supremacy of international law and strict observance of the basic principles of the modern world order. You have made a considerable contribution to achieving a fair, comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East.

I reaffirm our readiness to continue expanding the multifaceted friendly relations and the strategic partnership that exist between Russia and Egypt.

I recollect well the substantial and constructive discussions we had on this subject in Moscow and Cairo and I am firmly convinced that, through our joint efforts, we can ensure the continued dynamic development of mutually beneficial cooperation between our two countries.

I wish you good health, happiness and continued success in your state work in the interests of progress and the prosperity of the friendly Egyptian people."

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