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On the Adoption by UN Security Council of a Resolution on the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)


The United Nations Security Council on September 6 unanimously adopted Resolution 1621 directed to provide additional support to the DRC in preparing and holding democratic elections in the country. In accordance with the UN Secretary General's proposals the Council increased for the duration of this process the strength of UN peacekeepers in the DRC and authorized allocating an extra amount of materials and equipment to assist the electoral process.

By this decision the Security Council has once again demonstrated its close attention to developments in that African country and the resolve to facilitate advancing the peace process. The elections in the DRC are the basis for long-term consolidation of peace and stability, national reconciliation and the establishment of the rule of law in the country.

Russia backed up this resolution and will continue endeavoring to assist the peaceful processes in the DR of Congo and also the Great Lakes Region as a whole.

September 7, 2005

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