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CAIRO, April 14 (RIA Novosti's Igor Kuznetsov) - Russian University in Egypt will open on October 1, head of the initiative group and future rector of the first Russian University in Africa and the Middle East Sherif Helmi told RIA Novosti on Thursday.

The three-storied building of Egyptian-Russian University is located on the area of 3.6 hectares in Badr, a town 45 kilometers away from Cairo.

"This is not the first foreign university in Egypt," Helmi said. "Egyptian-Russian University will train specialists in such spheres as space, peaceful use of nuclear energy, heavy road-building equipment, etc. Fees in our university will be much cheaper," he added.

The university will comprise the faculties of engineering, tourism management and linguistics. Russian teachers will work in the university on the basis of Russian programs. The teaching will be conducted in English.

In the first year the university will admit 300-400 students and later their number will be increased to 2,000, Helmi noted.

The university has just received the license of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Sherif Helmi is to fly to Moscow soon.

April 14, 2005

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