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On Hostage-Taking in Nigeria


As reported by international news agencies, several foreign workers of the Bredero Shaw company were kidnapped on November 28 in the Delta State in Nigeria - presumably citizens of Britain, Australia, Colombia, Moldova, Azerbaijan and, possibly, one citizen of Russia.

According to yet unconfirmed data, that may be R. V. Murugov, who his relatives said had been working since 2002 in Bredero Shaw on a private contract. Murugov did not get registered with the consular department of the Russian Embassy in Nigeria.

Local criminal groups that kidnapped the Bredero Shaw workers are reported to have demanded ransom for their release.

At present a search operation for those abducted is being conducted in the Delta State.

The Russian Embassy in Lagos is taking vigorous actions to clarify the situation. Appropriate work is being carried out in close cooperation with local civilian and military authorities, police and security agencies. Continual contact is being maintained with the representatives of Bredero Shaw and with a number of foreign embassies in Nigeria.

November 29, 2003

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