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Algeria Ratifies Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

Moscow welcomes the news that Algeria has ratified the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).

This step taken by Algeria is fresh proof of its firm commitment to making a tangible contribution towards stronger peace and security, and it fully meets the letter and the spirit of the Declaration on Strategic Partnership signed by Russia and Algeria.

Algeria's CTBT ratification marks another important step in preparing the conditions for the Treaty's entry into force. This is especially important in the runup to the Third Conference on Facilitating the Entry of the CTBT into Force that is called upon to mobilize world public opinion in support of the Treaty. The CTBT, signed by the overwhelming majority of the world's nations and ratified by 104 of them, including the 32 nations whose ratification is a mandatory condition of its entry into force, remains hostage to the political will of just 12 states (under the terms and conditions of the Treaty, it is to enter into force after its ratification by specific 44 states). We express the hope that these countries will realize their special responsibility for the fate of the Treaty at a time when the international community is making vigorous efforts to counter new threats and challenges, including the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

We for our part reiterate anew Russia's invariable commitment to the Treaty and to its early entry into force and urge other nations, primarily those on whom the entry of the CTBT into force depends, to sign and ratify the treaty at an early date without any preconditions.

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