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On African Union Summit

A regular session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union (AU) took place on July 10-12 in Maputo, Mozambique. Prominent in the discussion held was the priority theme for the African continent of ensuring a more durable peace in the region, as well as the problem of implementing the New Partnership for African Development program (NEPAD). Documents to promote effective cooperation by African states in relevant matters were adopted, including counteraction against the terrorist threat. The necessity was underscored of speeding up the process of the ratification of the AU protocol to set up an African Peace and Security Council and of building up concerted efforts in achieving the long-term objectives of NEPAD.

The summit participants devoted much attention to questions pertaining to the practical formation of the AU. A Protocol to establish an AU Court of Justice and a Protocol to create a Pan African Parliament were approved, and an election was held for Chairman of the Commission of the African Union, his deputy and Commission members. Alpha Oumar Konare, former president of the Republic of Mali, became the Commission's Chairman. A number of decisions of an administrative and financial character were adopted.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin sent President of the Republic of Mozambique Joaquim Alberto Chissano, elected the Chairman of the African Union, a congratulatory message giving a high evaluation of the steps by African states and their influential continental forum for resolving and preventing regional conflicts, carrying out social and economic reforms, and creating conditions for the transformation of the continent into a zone of peace, stability and partnership.

The message reaffirms the interest of Russia in strengthening its traditionally friendly relations with the countries of Africa and improving its many-sided cooperation with the AU, and its firm intention to support concerted efforts by the world community to lead the African continent onto the road of sustainable development, democracy and progress and to assist the implementation of the NEPAD program.

The Mozambican side expressed gratitude for the congratulation, and noted the contribution made by Russia to solving the acute problems before the continent and to expanding constructive cooperation between Africa and the international community as a whole.

July 14, 2003

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