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Regarding the Terrorist Act in Morocco

One more country came under attack by international terrorism on the night of May 16-17. This time the target of a well-planned assault was Morocco: in Casablanca, the largest city of the kingdom, a series of explosions took place aimed against a whole array of civilian institutions, such as the Belgian consulate, the Spanish and Jewish cultural centers, and a hotel. As a result of this criminal action more than 30 people were killed and about 70 received wounds of a varying degree of gravity.

It is becoming ever more evident that the terrorist international with Al-Qaeda in the lead after defeat in Afghanistan is again trying to assume the counteroffensive against the entire civilized world. The tragedy in Casablanca was only recently preceded by the barbaric attacks of terrorists in Chechnya and Saudi Arabia.

The hallmarks are everywhere the same - suicide terrorists being used, and as a result of their actions innocent people, of different confessions and nationalities, becoming victims.

Moscow strongly condemns the criminal action in Casablanca and expresses sincere condolences to the leadership and people of Morocco, to the kith and kin of the dead. The obviously increased activity of international terrorism bears out most convincingly the necessity of the maximum consolidation of the efforts of the world community with a view to an effective and consistent struggle against this universal evil threatening the stability and security of all the countries and peoples without exception.

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