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On Russian-Eritrean Inter-MFA Consultations


Political consultations with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Eritrea took place at the Russian MFA on March 28. From the Russian side they were conducted by Director of the Africa Department Alexander Makarenko, and from the Eritrean side by Petros Fessehasiom, Director General for Euro-America and International Organizations.

Questions of bilateral ties, a number of pressing international problems, and African themes were discussed.

The friendly character of Russian-Eritrean relations was noted, and inclination towards joint work to intensify contacts in the political, trade-and-economic and other fields was confirmed. The Eritrean side, in particular, emphasized its interest in substantially expanding cooperation in the fields of education, geological prospecting and the participation of Russian companies in the development of the marine resources of Eritrea.

The exchange of views showed the similarity of the approaches of Russia and Eritrea to a number of key problems of today, including questions of fighting international terrorism. A common point of view in favor of the earliest possible restoration of an atmosphere of peace and good-neighborliness in the Horn of Africa subregion was expressed.

Agreement was reached to hold the next round of consultations in Asmara.

March 28, 2003

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