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On the Consideration by UN Security Council of the Situation in Burundi

The United Nations Security Council on December 18 examined the situation evolving around the process of the settlement of the conflict in Burundi. In a Presidential Statement adopted at the close of this discussion, the Council welcomes the signing of the cease-fire agreement on December 2 between Burundi's Transitional Government and one of the main opposition armed groups, and the intention of the parties to deal with the political issues still outstanding within the timeframe set by the agreement. It also calls on the leader of the other major opposition group to at once end hostilities, sign the cease-fire agreement and begin political talks with the Transitional Government.

Noting that the Burundian parties themselves bear responsibility for the peace process in the first place, the Security Council expressed its intention to support the complete implementation of the agreements signed between them. It asked the Secretary General to study ways of lending the appropriate UN assistance to the Burundian parties.

Russia, having consistently stood for a political settlement of the Burundian conflict, will continue to make its positive contribution, including in the UN, to developing the peace process in Burundi.

December 20, 2002

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