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Alexander Yakovenko, the Official Spokesman of Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Answers a Russian Media Question About the Outcome of the Meeting of the G8 Personal Representatives for Africa in Accra.


    Question: Please comment on the outcome of the meeting of the G8 Personal Representatives for Africa in Accra?

    Answer: The second post-Kananaskis summit G8 Personal Representatives for Africa meeting took place in Accra on December 7-8. The personal representatives were received by President of Ghana John Agyekum Kufuor, and met with Ghanaian government members, Ghanaian parliamentarians and senior officials from the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Center.

    Taking into account the importance and relevance of this problem for Africa, the main emphasis in the representatives' work was laid on peace and security issues in the African continent. Special attention was devoted to the upcoming meeting to be held in New York by the UN Secretary General with the G8 permanent representatives on Friends Groups in the context of the settlement of conflicts in Africa. In the same context a discussion of questions of preparation of a joint plan for the establishment of an African peacekeeping potential figured prominently.

    In the light of the results of the G8 experts meeting held in New York on November 14, 2002, on mine themes under the Africa Action Plan, the representatives emphasized the pressing need for carrying on efforts for the elaboration of coordinated approaches to helping African countries with demining.

    In discussing the economic set of questions, they unanimously endorsed the initiative of European Commission representative Giorgio Bonacci for holding in Brussels on January 10, 2003, a seminar of experts on trade and regional integration in Africa.

    Questions of assistance to Africa in the fields of education and health, of raising the productivity of agriculture and of improving the use of water resources were also discussed.

    Agreement was reached on holding the next meeting of the personal representatives in Paris in February 2003.

    December 14, 2002

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