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Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Igor Ivanov Meets with Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Minister Mohamed Benaissa of the Kingdom of Morocco


     A conversation took place on October 15 between Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Igor Ivanov and Mohamed Benaissa, the Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Minister of the Kingdom of Morocco, who had arrived in Moscow as a member of the delegation accompanying King Mohammed VI in the course of his official visit to the Russian Federation.

     Within the framework of a thorough exchange of views, the sides stated the identity or similarity of the two countries' positions on the major international and regional problems discussed. In particular, they were unanimous in the view that in the struggle for the eradication of such a global evil as terrorism, the main emphasis should be laid on political methods, the combining of international efforts with a view to cutting off channels of financing for terrorism and removing the causes engendering it.

     The Ministers spoke in favor of a settlement of the situation around Iraq by politico-diplomatic methods: in particular, the early deployment and efficient work of UN inspector groups in Iraq, as well as the responsible and constructive cooperation of Baghdad in the process of the implementation of the relevant Security Council resolutions.

     In the context of their discussion of the tense situation in the Middle East the interlocutors noted the necessity of taking urgent measures to end the violence, to normalize the situation around the Palestinian territories and to get the negotiation process restarted.

     The Ministers expressed the conviction that the present Russian-Moroccan summit, marked by the signing by the heads of the two states of a Declaration on the Strategic Partnership between Russia and Morocco, will take the full range of bilateral relations to qualitatively new frontiers. They also considered the main directions of the further development of cooperation in the trade-and-economic and other fields of mutual interest.

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