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On the Signing of the Agreement to Normalize Relations between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of Uganda

     In Luanda, through the mediation of the Angolan side, the Presidents of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Uganda have signed an agreement providing for the normalization of bilateral relations in the political, diplomatic and military fields and determining the terms for the withdrawal of the Ugandan troops from the territory of the DRC.

     Moscow welcomes the Congolese-Ugandan accords, which along with the DRC-Rwanda peace agreement that was signed on July 30 this year in Pretoria create favorable prerequisites for the settlement of the many-year bloody conflict in the DRC, destabilizing the situation in Africa's Great Lakes region. As before, the Russian side will act consistently within the United Nations Security Council, the G8 and other international forums in favor of consolidating and developing the positive dynamics in the process of peace-building in the DRC and the region as a whole.

     September 10, 2002

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