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On the UN Security Council's Adoption of a Resolution on Ethiopia-Eritrea Settlement

    The United Nations Security Council on August 14 unanimously adopted resolution 1430 providing for the extension of support from the UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) in the settlement of a territorial dispute between these two countries. In particular, the additional functions of UNMEE envisage rendering practical assistance in the demarcation of the Ethiopia-Eritrea boundary.

    The resolution has again reaffirmed the leading role of the UN and its Security Council in consolidating the peace process in this area of the Horn of Africa. It is important that both parties should continue to closely cooperate with UNMEE in carrying out the tasks set for it by the UN Security Council.

    Russia, for its part, will exert further constructive efforts aimed at building an enduring peace and good-neighborly relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea, countries friendly to it.

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