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On Adoption of UN Security Council Resolution on Western Sahara


    The UN Security Council on July 30 unanimously adopted resolution 1429 extending the mandate of the UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara for six months, through the end of January 2003. With Russia's active participation, this resolution was successfully oriented toward voicing additional political support for UN efforts to bring about a peaceful settlement of the dispute around Western Sahara that takes into account the lawful interests of the parties involved - Morocco and the POLISARIO Front - and envisaging the realization of the right of the people of Western Sahara to self-determination.

    It is important that the resolution underscores the ongoing importance of a UN Peace Plan presupposing the holding of a referendum on the status of Western Sahara, despite the existing difficulties in the path of its implementation.

    The Security Council invited the UN Secretary General's Personal Envoy to Western Sahara, James Baker III, to continue efforts to find a political solution with due regard for the lawful concerns of the parties.

    We assume that the job will be done by Baker in close contact with all the concerned parties and with the UN Security Council. This is an important prerequisite for finding a just and generally acceptable scheme for resolving this dispute which would be voluntarily accepted by the parties.

    The resolution also envisages a range of important measures to enhance mutual trust between the parties and to alleviate the humanitarian consequences of the armed conflict around Western Sahara. We consider it necessary to ensure the practical realization of these measures.

    Russia will consistently assist with the adequate implementation of the resolution of the UN Security Council, as well as contributing to the productiveness of international efforts for an effective long-term settlement of the Western Sahara dispute in the interest of consolidating stability in the Maghreb region and international security as a whole.

    July 31, 2002

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