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Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Saltanov Meets with Egyptian Ambassador to Moscow Reda Shehata


    Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Saltanov on July 16 received the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Moscow, Reda Shehata, at his request.

    During the talk that took place, Saltanov reiterated the disposition of the Russian side to participate actively in overcoming the continuing crisis around the Palestinian territories. Of great importance in this context, he emphasized, is the regular meeting of the Quartet of international Middle East settlement mediators in New York, who are striving to act in close coordination with regional parties.

    As was underlined, these efforts should not be allowed to be scuttled by terrorist acts, fraught with an abrupt exacerbation of the situation. It is important to focus now on steps to overcome the crisis - both in the field of the reformation of the Palestinian institutions of power and in the area of ensuring security and the restoration of the political process.

    Saltanov expressed serious concern over the situation evolving around Iraq. In this connection the necessity was underscored for taking by all the concerned parties, including Arab countries, the LAS, OIC and others, more energetic efforts to keep the solution of the Iraqi problem on a politico-diplomatic track. Reda Shehata fully supported this approach.

    July 17, 2002

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