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Russian President Vladimir Putin Sends Congratulatory Message to Heads of State and Government of African Countries on Occasion of Africa Day

    President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has sent a congratulatory message to the heads of state and government of the African countries on the occasion of Africa Day.

    The message reads in part:

    "Today African states play an ever more noticeable role in the system of international relations. In the mainstream of world trends, processes are getting under way on the continent which will determine the complexion of Africa for the long term: the development of regional integration and peacekeeping mechanisms, the strengthening of democratic institutions, the pursuit of reforms in the economy.

    "I am confident that solving the major tasks facing Africa of ending armed conflicts, ensuring political and economic stability and wiping out poverty will promote success in these matters. It will take the concerted action of both the Africans themselves and the world community as a whole to attain such large-scale objectives. It is no coincidence that enhanced attention is today being paid to African problems in the work of the UN, G8 and other international fora.

    "We welcome the commitment of African states to search for adequate responses to the challenges with which this region is faced. A weighty step in this direction will be the commencement of practical activities of the African Union. We regard the New Partnership for Africa's Development program, as a timely comprehensive initiative advanced by the Organization of African Unity. We stand ready to assist in its implementation and to sustain active international efforts for a revival of the continent.

    "Keeping up the good traditions of Russian-African relations, our country intends to build up bilateral ties with the continent's states consistently. I hope that joint purposeful work will help reach a level of mutually beneficial cooperation which in full measure will match the existing considerable potential and contribute to a safe and happy future for present and succeeding generations."

The Kremlin, Moscow, May 25, 2002

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