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On the UN Security Council's Consideration of the Situation in Burundi


     The United Nations Security Council has discussed the state of affairs in Burundi, calling on all the social forces of the country to cooperate in the interest of ensuring the effective functioning of its transitional institutions of power. To all the confronting parties is addressed an important call for the earliest possible cessation of hostilities, and to the armed groupings - to take part without delay in the talks on the conclusion of a cease-fire agreement. The UN Security Council has appealed to the donor community to increase the volume of aid to Burundi for the purposes of economic and humanitarian reconstruction.

     Thus, the Security Council has once again demonstrated its position in favor of assisting in African regional efforts to resolve this protracted conflict. A concrete contribution to this activity will be the scheduled early-May mission of members of the UN Security Council to the Great Lakes Region, in which the Russian representative will take part.

April 23, 2002

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