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On the Signing of a Peace Agreement in Angola

     An important event took place on April 4 in Luanda, capital of the Republic of Angola. The representatives of the top military leaderships of Angola and the UNITA opposition group signed a Memorandum of Understanding which gives legal shape to a total and complete cease-fire on the territory of the country and actually signifies the end of a destructive war that has carried off hundreds of thousands of lives and made millions of Angolans forced migrants in their own land.

     The ambassadors of the Troika of Angolan settlement observer countries, and the special representative of the UN Secretary General affixed their signatures to this document as witnesses.

     The military phase of the conflict is thus over and the way is open for peace and national reconciliation in the long-suffering country, for the implementation in all respects of the Lusaka Protocol of 1994, providing a whole series of measures to normalize life in Angola. The question is now one of disarming UNITA military units in the first place, demobilizing and integrating them into state power structures and generally into civil society. The National Assembly (Parliament) of Angola has passed a bill on an amnesty for all the crimes committed as part of the armed conflict.

     Today before the country returning to a peaceful life, before the Angolan people and before its leadership the task of national revival is arising, of removing the logjams of the past, eradicating distrust and enmity and building a truly democratic state based on the rule of law.

     Russia believes these problems fully resolvable. Our country as a permanent UN Security Council member and participant in the Troika of observers will continue to help in attaining these objectives.

     We are satisfied that along with the whole international community we have been able to contribute to making the Angolan people's long-standing dream of peace and tranquility come true.

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