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Russian policy in Africa


     From the Statement by Gennady Gatilov, First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN, in the Plenary UN General Assembly Meeting at the Debate on Agenda Item 21: Cooperation between the United Nations and regional and other organizations, December 7, 2001

      "We think it necessary to strengthen cooperation between the UN and OAU with a view to more effectively solving questions related to the ensuring of peace, stability and sustainable development of the countries of Africa. In particular, it is important to preserve the accumulated experience of cooperation at the stage of transformation of the OAU into the African Union, as well as to build up its level, focusing attention on the coordination of international efforts and mobilization of resources in the interest of accomplishing the most urgent tasks facing the African continent.

      Russia supports the efforts by the Organization for reinforcing the peacekeeping potential of Africa, being made in the framework of personnel training, exchanges of information, joint training exercises, mine action programs, as well as within the framework of the UN System of Reserve Agreements and fostering effective partner cooperation in the field of maintaining peace.

      As part of cooperation with the OAU and sub-regional African structures we consider it expedient to realize comprehensive UN programs coordinated by ECOSOC, combining, on the one hand, demining and measures for the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of former combatants, and on the other - consolidation of democratic institutions, support for economic and social reforms, the strengthening of national government institutions, and ensuring of the primacy of law.

      We expect also that UN cooperation with the Economic Community of the Central African States will contribute to its conversion into an instrument of effective economic integration and the fight against poverty in the countries of the sub-region"

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