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Regarding Settlement in Angola

     The Angolan armed forces' Deputy Chief of Staff, General Nunda, signed on March 30 in Luena, eastern Angola, a final act of the talks on military issues, held in this town since March 15, with General Kamorteiro, UNITA's Chief of Staff, in the presence of the UN Secretary General's representative and head of UNOA and the ambassadors of the Troika of Angolan settlement observe countries (Russia, the US, Portugal).

     The sides also initialed the Memorandum of Understandings Supplementing the Lusaka Protocol with a View to Ending Hostilities and Solving Other Outstanding Military Issues Under the Lusaka Protocol, the signing of which is planned in Luanda on April 4.

     The Memorandum envisages the declaration of an amnesty with regard to crimes committed within the framework of the armed conflict between the Government of Angola and the UNITA forces, a formal cease-fire since the day of signing the Memorandum, the disarmament and demilitarization of the UNITA forces, and other provisions to normalize the situation in the country.

     Moscow welcomes the initialing of this document and regards it as an important step along the road to achieving national reconciliation in Angola. Russia as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and a member of the Troika of observer countries firmly intends to render support to the efforts being made on the basis of the Lusaka Protocol by the Angolan parties and the international community in bringing the many-year conflict to an end in that African state.

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