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UN Security Council Chairman Makes Official Statement on Somalia

     The official statement on Somalia by the UN Security Council President was adopted on March 28. It states support for the Arta peace process and calls on the interim national government, local authorities and political leaders in Somalia to exert every effort to complete, without preconditions, the settlement process in order to create a broad-based government in the country. In this context, the statement supports the decision of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) to call a national conference on reconciliation in Somalia in April of this year in Nairobi. The statement points to the inadmissibility of interference in Somalia's internal affairs, especially by neighboring countries.

     The statement pays much attention to international humanitarian aid to Somalia, and to the expansion of UN peacemaking activities.

     We hope that the statement of the Security Council President will give an impetus to multilateral efforts to stabilize the situation in Somalia as soon as possible.

     Russia, including as a participant in the IGAD Partners Forum, will continue all the necessary assistance to the normalization of the situation and reconstruction in this state.

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