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UN Security Council Adopts Resolution on Sierra Leone

     On March 28 the UN Security Council unanimously passed Resolution 1400 which extends the mandate of the UN Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL).

     Security Council members expressed satisfaction with the positive dynamics in the development of the political situation in Sierra Leone and called for further consolidation of the peace process in this state with the active participation of the UN. At the same time the resolution voices concern about instability in the river Mano basin, particularly in the humanitarian field, and says that the situation in Sierra Leone continues to endanger peace and security in this region.

     The Security Council authorized administrative and technical support by the UN Mission, without prejudice to its capability to execute its current mandate, to the Special Court for the prosecution of persons for the commission of war crimes and violations of international humanitarian law. It confirmed the UN intention to assist the government of Sierra Leone in conducting general elections in May.

     For its part, Russia will continue constructive work, including through practical participation in the UNAMSIl activities, to enhance the process of settlement and stabilization in Sierra Leone under the auspices of the UN.

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