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     Mart 21, 2002

     Concerning the Adoption by the UN Security Council of a Resolution on the Democratic Republic of the Congo


     On March 19 the UN Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 1399 following the rebel RCD-Goma's major violation of the cease-fire agreement in the DRC and capture by its forces of the strategically important town of Moliro in the southeast of the country.

     The resolution condemns the resumption of hostilities, and demands that RCD-Goma troops immediately and unconditionally withdraw from Moliro and all the other areas captured in violation of the existing disengagement plan. It again mentions the need to demilitarize Kisangani, which is of key importance to moving forward the process of conflict settlement in the DRC. The resolution also calls on Rwanda to exert its influence on RCD-Goma so that the rebels would implement today's demands. It stresses the responsibility of the parties for ensuring the security of UN peacekeeping personnel in the country.

     Moscow hopes that the prompt and full implementation of the demands contained in this UN SC decision will help stabilize the situation in the DRC and create more favorable conditions for the political settlement of the conflict there. Russia will be rendering necessary assistance for the achievement of this goal.

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