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     Mart 15, 2002

     On Adoption by UN General Assembly of Resolution on Conflict Diamonds


     On March 13, the UN General Assembly adopted by consensus a resolution on the role of rough diamonds in fueling armed conflict. The resolution expresses support by the UN for international efforts aimed at breaking the link between the illegal trade of rough diamonds and conflict. It welcomes the detailed proposals for an international certification scheme for rough diamonds developed by the Kimberley Process (incorporating the representatives of states and business circles participating in the diamond business, as well as a number of non-governmental organizations). The scheme must be based on national legislations and comply with minimum international standards without creating obstacles to the legal trade in diamonds and without constraining the development of the diamond industry in the respective countries. Russia, actively participating in the Kimberly Process and having cosponsored the resolution, is ready to further make its contribution to the efforts of the international community with a view to the final solution of the problem of conflict diamonds. We consider it important to preserve the work format that has evolved in the Kimberly Process - the consensus nature of decisions being adopted and their strict compliance with the rules of international law, including respect for the state sovereignty of the countries participants in this process.

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