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     February 04, 2002

     On UN Security Council President's Official Statement on Africa


     The UN Security Council has adopted an official Presidential Statement on Africa, by which it has reaffirmed the basic approaches of the international community to the settlement and prevention of African conflicts, ensuring of sustainable economic and social development and the strengthening of democracy in the African continent.

     The statement underscores the importance of the further building-up of partner relations and coordination between the UN, and OAU and sub-regional organizations of Africa in the maintenance of regional peace and stability, and contains a call to the institutions of the UN system to assist in reinforcing the African peacemaking potential.

     Members of the Security Council unanimously stressed the relationship existing between conflicts and social and economic problems of Africa, and pointed out the significance of consistent efforts for their solution to achieve lasting peace and sustainable development.

     We regard the Security Council Presidential Statement as an important step along the road leading to further affirmation of a comprehensive UN approach toward addressing the multipronged problems in the African continent. Russia as a permanent member of the Security Council will continue to take an active part in these efforts.

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