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     December 24, 2001

     Statement by the Representative of Russia in the UN Security Council on the Situation in Angola, December 21, 2001


     The Russian delegation is grateful to Ambassador Ibrahim Gambari, Under-Secretary-General and the Secretary General's Special Adviser on Africa, for his detailed briefing on the outcomes of his visit to Angola. The very fruitful contacts held by him with Angolan authorities, and the representatives of Angola's civil society, are surely helpful in strengthening Angolan relations with the UN and expand opportunities for the Organization's assistance to promoting a settlement of the Angolan conflict.

     The approaches of the Russian Federation to Angolan settlement were set out in detail in a recent statement in the Council on behalf of the Troika and remain unchanged. We positively assess the constructive steps taken by the Angolan government to foster a dialogue with all healthy political forces of the country and the civil society of Angola. We feel that Jonas Savimbi, by rejecting the opportunity extended by the president of Angola to resume the dialogue on ways to complete the implementation of the fundamental principles of the Lusaka Protocol, demonstrates a lack of political will to end the armed confrontation. With each passing day it becomes increasingly clear to the international community that the actions of UNITA men have turned into a terror campaign against their own people. We regard the assessments made at the Council's September meeting on Angola as of basic importance.

     In the context of international efforts to unblock the situation in Angola Russia both in its national capacity and as a member of the Troika of international peace process observers intends to firmly adhere further to the course for raising the effectiveness of the regime of UN sanctions against UNITA, designed to cut off the channels of financial support for the antigovernment group from external sources. In this context we intend to further support the effectively operating mechanism of monitoring the observance of the sanctions formed in keeping with Security Council Resolution 1295.

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