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     December 18, 2001

     Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Igor Ivanov Meets with Tanzanian Prime Minister Frederick Sumaye


     In the course of his Africa tour Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Igor Ivanov on December 17 during a stopover in Dar Es Salaam met with the Tanzanian Prime Minister, Frederick Sumaye.

     A keen exchange of views on major issues of the international agenda took place.

     The similarity between Russia's and Tanzania's approaches to the tasks of ensuring strategic stability, reinforcing the central role of the UN in world affairs and shaping a democratic model of international relations was noted. The sides expressed readiness for cooperation in questions of creating a global system of counteraction against new challenges and threats to security, above all against terrorism.

     In the context of regional problems they discussed ways to settle a number of African conflicts, primarily in the Great Lakes region.

     Ivanov and Sumaye reaffirmed the two states' striving to find ways of further developing bilateral mutually beneficial ties in various fields.

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