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     Russian President Vladimir Putin's Greetings to Leaders of Countries of African Continent on Occasion of Africa Day

     May 25, 2001

     Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a message of greetings to the heads of the countries of the African Continent on the occasion of Africa Day.

     "I am convinced that creating a balanced and democratic system of international relations on the basis of the principles of equality and mutually beneficial cooperation is impossible without an active role of Africa," says the President's message. "Only joint actions by all states, and their common sense of responsibility for the destiny of the planet will help consolidate strategic and regional stability, reduce the gap in the levels of socio-economic development, neutralize the adverse manifestations of globalization, guarantee human rights, and put up a reliable barrier to the spread of international terrorism."

     As Putin noted, Russia is concerned that many global risks and threats manifest themselves with ever greater acuteness in Africa.

     The Head of State also stressed that Russia is willing to actively contribute further to solving comprehensively the problems facing the African countries and expressed the hope that joint efforts will help us unfold the rich potential of Russian-African partnership more completely, and create favorable conditions for the building-up of political dialogue and the onward development of mutually beneficial cooperation in the trade, economic, scientific, technological, cultural and other fields.

     The Kremlin, Moscow, May 25, 2001

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