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Regarding the Adoption by UN Security Council of a Resolution on a New Sanctions Regime Against Liberia


The United Nations Security Council on December 22 unanimously adopted resolution 1521, by which a new sanctions regime is being established against Liberia. Responding to considerable changes in the political situation within and around that country, the sanction measures previously established by the Security Council have been annulled. Simultaneously a new weapons embargo is being put into effect, applicable both to the Liberian transitional government and to all the non-governmental groups within the territory of that country. Restrictions are being imposed on the foreign trips of persons who pose a threat to the peace process in Liberia or are in breach of the sanctions. An embargo also is being established on supplies of raw diamonds, round logs and timber from Liberia.

It is important that those measures will be operative for one year. Reasonable exemptions of a political and humanitarian character are provided for. In respect of each of the restrictive measures clear-cut political requirements of the Security Council, and the conditions of their abolition are set forth. In particular, it is laid down that before June 2004 the Security Council will carry out a comprehensive review of the implementation of resolution 1521, in the course of which necessary adjustments may be made to the sanctions regime or a decision taken to lift the sanctions regime.

Such an approach fully accords with the position of Russia on basic criteria for the imposition and lifting of sanction regimes.

We hope that the implementation of this Security Council resolution will help to stabilize the situation in Liberia and in the sub-region of the Mano River basin as a whole.

December 23, 2003

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