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On the Adoption by UN Security Council of a Resolution Approving the Deployment of a UN Peacekeeping Operation in Liberia


The United Nations Security Council on September 19 unanimously adopted Resolution 1509 approving the deployment, on the basis of Chapter VII of the Charter, of a multifunctional operation, directed to help the Liberian parties with the implementation of the ceasefire agreement and the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, signed by the parties in Accra, Ghana, in June 2003.

In accordance with this decision of the Security Council, the UN Mission will take over from the peacekeeping force currently in Liberia of a regional African organization - ECOWAS. The stabilization force of the UN peacekeeping operation will consist of up 15,000 military personnel and 1,115 international policemen, as well as necessary civilian staff.

The Security Council called upon the Liberian parties undeviatingly to fulfil their obligations under the agreements reached and cooperate fully with the UN Mission. An appeal is addressed to all states to refrain from any actions capable of destabilizing the situation in Liberia and on the borders between it and Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Russia, a consistent advocate of the earliest possible settlement of the Liberian conflict, took an active part in the elaboration of this resolution of the Security Council. We intend to assist further the advancement of the peace process in that African state under the aegis of the United Nations.

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