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Concerning Developments in Republic of Guinea-Bissau


According to incoming reports, a military coup took place in the Republic of Guinea-Bissau (RGB) on the morning of September 14. It was announced that the army had set up a Military Committee to Restore Constitutional and Democratic Order led by Army Chief of Staff Gen. Verissimo Correia Seabra.

President Kumba Yalla and Prime Minister Mario Pires were arrested. The military assumed control of all vital facilities, the international airport and seaport. A curfew was imposed in the capital Bissau.

No armed clashes in the RGB were noted. The situation generally remains calm.

The embassy of Russia in Guinea-Bissau says there are no casualties among Russian citizens.

Moscow expresses concern over the developments in the RGB and comes out in favor of speedily normalizing the situation in that country solely by political means.

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