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On the Adoption by the UN Security Council of Its Resolution on Liberia


On August 1 the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1497 authorizing member states to send multinational forces to Liberia to maintain the cease fire and a subsequent deployment of a UN peacekeeping operation in that country.

The resolution contains an appeal to all parties to the conflict in Liberia, which resulted in numerous casualties, including among innocent people, to observe the commitments within the framework of the peace process based on the cease fire agreement of June 17 this year.

It is of principled importance that the resolution in question should provide fresh demonstration of the ability of the UN Security Council as the bearing structure of the entire collective security system to timely respond to conflict situations in different regions of the world, interacting in the process with regional peacekeeping mechanisms in maintaining strategic control over the implementation of their mandate.

As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, Russia intends to continue to assist in normalizing the situation and making headway in the peace process in Liberia in accordance with the UN Charter and the norms of international law. We proceed from the assumption that the said decision of the Council will contribute to overcoming the many years of internal crisis in the country, create conditions for rectifying the complex humanitarian situation and consolidating stability in the West-African subregion as a whole.

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