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Press Release
On the Adoption of the Resolution on Western Sahara by the UN Security Council


The UN Security Council on July 31 unanimously passed Resolution 1495 extending the mandate of the UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO) by another three months until October 31, 2003.

The resolution voices the support of the Security Council for the new peace plan for Western Sahara prepared by the personal envoy of the UN Secretary General, James Baker, and calls on the parties to the dispute to work together with the UN and with each other towards the adoption and implementation of such a plan.

Russia has contributed actively to the adoption of a balanced text of the resolution which provides a constructive basis for continued contacts of the UN with all the parties involved in the conflict in the search of ways to solve the Western Sahara problem with the mediation of the Organization.

Russia will continue to contribute to these efforts, including through participation in MINURSO.

August 1, 2003

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