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On the Adoption by UN Security Council of a Resolution on the Democratic Republic of the Congo


On July 28 the UN Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 1493 extending the mandate of the United Nations Mission for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUC) for the next 12 months - through July 30, 2004.

In connection with the situation that has sharply deteriorated recently in the northeast of the DRC the Security Council decided to increase MONUC troops to 10,800 and to strengthen its mandate accordingly with the object of ensuring the safety of international personnel as well as of the civilian population in the zone of responsibility of the UN Mission.

For the purpose of stabilizing the military-political situation in that African state the Council adopted a decision to impose an arms embargo with an initial period of one year since the passage of the resolution with regard to Congolese and foreign armed groups operating on the territory of the DRC in the provinces of Nord and Sud Kivu and Ituri.

Russia will continue to assist multilateral efforts under the aegis of the UN to restore the peace process in the DR of the Congo as soon as possible, including via its participation in MONUC.

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